Delicious Israel

Culinary and Lifestyle Experiences in the Holy Land

Delicious Israel offers foodies and culture-seekers a unique and adventurous way to vacation in Israel.

Our culinary and boutique specialty tours are limited to small groups so that together we can veer off the beaten path to eat, explore, learn and experience the authentic “insider” scene of Israeli lifestyle, history and culture.

About Delicious Israel

Delicious Israel’s personalized walking, travel and cooking tours bring together travelling foodies and culture-seekers with authentic Israeli lifestyle. On our tantalizingly tasty adventures we talk to the brothers running a Turkish family-owned deli on Levinsky Street. We taste shakshuka at a private Yemenite home nestled next to Shuk HaCarmel. We learn about the origins of different spices from the immigrants who brought them to Israel. We introduce travelers to Israel at its purest. Israel fresh squeezed. Israel newly baked. Israel raw.

About the Founder

Founded in 2011 by former attorney and yoga instructor, Inbal Baum, Delicious Israel’s intimate culinary crusades have since taken the lead as one of the country’s most enticing ways to explore what it truly means to be an Israeli by engaging with those who call the holy land home.  

After working as an attorney in New York City, years of Jewish and Israel-related organizational work, and consulting in the private and public sectors, Inbal left behind the desk jobs and immigrated to Israel in 2009 to follow her entrepreneurial heart and passion. As an amateur chef (with a specialized focus on ice cream-making) and yoga instructor, Inbal is always excited for her next food and yoga adventure - in Israel and around the globe.

Delicious Experts


David Cohen is a British/Australian/Israeli with Iraqi, Iranian and Indian heritage and whilst he can't decide where he is from, the one thing he is sure of is a love for all things food-related. Moving to Israel from London in 2012, David is a founder of Israel's first merchant bank and when not traveling around the world showing off the latest Israeli innovations he can be found in the Shuk, sharing his passion for Israeli food and fresh middle eastern ingredients. 

Rachel Fogel hails from Queens New York, a melting pot of culinary styles and fusion cuisines. She pursued Food Science and Technology and Marketing at Cornell University in Ithaca, with experience at Danon, Kraft, and the Israeli Ministry of Health. She made aliyah in August 2011 and shortly thereafter enlisted to the Search and Rescue Unit of the Israel Defense Forces where she served as Platoon Commander. Following her release, she traveled to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia sampling the authentic cuisine and participating in cooking workshops. With her Greek, Libyan, Italian, and Eastern European heritage and her extensive knowledge of food science, Rachel can be found frequenting the nearby flea market and experimenting with the local flavors in her kitchen.  

Rachel Fogel

Tess Lehrich is Delicious Israel's sustainability expert. After pursuing her interest in community gardening and sustainable food systems for a number of years, Tess decided to get a fuller understanding of some of the pressing issues that were bothering her.  She completed a Master's in Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University, focusing her research on the potential for urban agriculture in Israel.  Selling vegetables in the Farmers' Market for over two years, Tess feels passionate about sustainable food systems and believes that direct producer to consumer relationships are the key to a long, healthy life for us and our planet.


Rebecca Kazhdan made her way to Israel in 2009 from the U.S. Having grown up in a Russian household and not being particularly keen on Russian food, her passion for everything culinary related came after arriving in Israel. An abundance of amazing produce and outstanding chefs sparked her interest. After uncovering this passion for food, Rebecca got introduced to Inbal through a friend and has been helping Delicious Israel since. One day she hopes to find a way combine her two favorite things – food and dogs, by opening a dog farm with a restaurant.


Merav Levkowitz loves all things food-related, including cooking, eating, and talking and writing about food. After living in Washington, DC, for seven years, during which she spent a lot of time daydreaming about Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market and beaches, she finally moved here in 2014. Merav studied international relations at Georgetown University and is currently pursuing an MBA at the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology. She works as a writer, editor, and content strategist. The daughter of a Colombian and an Israeli, she speaks six languages. At any given moment she is planning her next meal or her next trip—or both.