Shuk + Cook: Tel Aviv Market + Cooking Workshop 

Length of Tour: 4.5 hours

The best way to bring Israeli food home with you is to learn some of the tricks of the trade. We begin at the Carmel Market to shop amidst the spice sacks and fresh fruit stalls, learning about the key fresh and dried ingredients critical for Israeli cooking. After filling our baskets with treats from the market (and a few tastings), we will return to our kitchen studio (~12-15 minute walk), unload our groceries and prepare a meal to remember with a menu based on Israeli cuisine’s diverse ethnic influences. Participants will receive a copy of the recipes to take home. 

Shuk & Cook

Sample Menu:

  • Fresh tehina
  • Herbed shakshuka
  • Sabich "sliders"
  • Flame-grilled eggplant 
  • Silan-pomegranate glazed salmon
  • Kohlrabi, pomelo and fennel salad
  • Malabi custard
  • Black coffee with cardamom