I keep kosher, are your tours suitable for me?

All of the vendors we visit on tour use all kosher materials, however not all have teuda (kosher license). If you require a tour with only teudat kashrut, please ask about availability for a private experience.

I am vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free, will there be anything for me to eat?

YES! Our tours are very vegetarian forward, reflective of the local cuisine. Many of our tastings also have vegan and gluten-free options; please let us know when booking so that we may advise the best tour for you. Typically our Levinsky Market Tour is a top choice for vegan or gluten-free eaters, while Eat Tel Aviv is not a match for those avoiding gluten.


What can I expect to do on tour?

Eat! On all of our tours you will walk, talk and eat as you go. Your Delicious Guide will take you to our favorite places in and around the neighborhoods and markets to taste Delicious foods and share the history and stories of food culture in Tel Aviv. Come hungry!

How do I know which is the right Delicious experience for me?

You can find a detailed description of all of our experiences here.

I have traveled to Israel many times/I am a local, is this tour for me?

We take pride in providing unique and Delicious experiences for tourists and locals alike - whether it is your first time here or 40th, we have Delicious tastes and stories to share with you.

Are all of the Delicious tastings included in the price?

All of the food on our set route is included. We suggest bringing some cash if you wish to purchase extra items to bring home, such as spices, as well as to tip your Delicious Guide. Additionally, if you want extra soft drinks or coffees that are not on our route, this will be at your own expense.

What sort of places will we visit? Is there a sit-down meal?

All of our vendors are either market stalls or small shops. There are opportunities to sit, but there is no formal “meal”. The tastings combined are plenty in lieu of a meal.

How do the tastings work? Will our Guide order for us?

Our Delicious Guides are experts on what to order and how much. The group may split portions at some stops or tasting-size samples will be ordered. Trust us, all of the small plates add up!

Are kids allowed on tour?

We have many families join us on tour. Please let us know when booking so that we may advise the best tour for your family’s interests.

How much walking is involved in each of the tours?

Our tours all move at a relaxed pace, however our Eat Tel Aviv Tour involves a significant amount of walking and is not recommended for guests with mobility concerns. Our shorter 2.5 hour Market Tours travel a very short distance with frequent stops.

What languages do you offer?

All of our open group tours are led in English.

Should I tip my guide?

If you enjoyed your experience with our hard-working Delicious Team, gratuities are appreciated in any currency.

What do I need to bring with me on tour?

An appetite! A bottle of water and hat/sunglasses are highly recommended in the Israeli heat.

What are your minimum/maximum group sizes?

All of our public tours have a four (4) guest minimum and average between 8 and 10 guests. Please inquire about large group and corporate bookings - no group is too large.

What happens if it is raining?

We operate rain or shine. If there is a forecast for rain, we advise that you bring an umbrella and proper walking shoes as the tours are outside.

How will I find my Delicious Guide?

Your confirmation email should have the name and phone number of your Delicious Guide and specific instructions on where to meet. They usually carry a bright orange Delicious Israel side tote bag.

What if I am late to my tour?

Please, please be on time. We know life happens, so if you are late you may reach your Delicious Guide at the number provided on your registration. During registration we ask for your contact number where you can be reached so that your Delicious Guide can be in contact as well. The tours will wait no longer than 10 minutes before leaving.

Will I have time to shop on the tour?

While we are excited for you to go home with the delicious products that you see on the tours, we ask that you save your shopping for after the tour. We are happy to provide you with exact locations of any of the vendors or shops that you pass to be able to return at your leisure.


Do you run tours every day? What time do your tours start?

We offer tours Sunday-Friday. The markets are closed for Shabbat (on Saturdays) so no tours are available. All of our tours take place during the daytime when the markets are open and food is freshest.

Can I find a tour schedule somewhere?

You can find our general schedule (coming soon), which is always subject to change and based on availability.

I am looking to join a tour today or tomorrow... can you help?

We typically book tours about a month out, but try us - we may have something still available last minute!

My family is planning a bar/bat mitzvah trip/wedding/reunion, can we arrange a large group tour?

Whether you are celebrating with 3 guests or 20, we can put together a quote for you for your tour.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, pricing can be found here.

I want to book/I have more questions!

Contact us here.