Culinary Walking Food Tours in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Delicious Israel's curated walking tours of the markets and backstreets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are not typical tourist tours. We are passionate about introducing you to our favorite local places to shop, eat, and experience Israeli cuisine. The walking tour range from 2 to 5 hours and are each filled with tastings, history, and fun!

Carmel Market   

Length of Tour: 2-2.5 hours

This tasting tour introduces guests to the heartbeat of Israel's modern city—in the stalls of the city's largest open air market, the Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel in Hebrew). Diving into the depths of the Carmel Market and the backstreets of its neighboring historic Yemenite quarter, we learn about the development of Israeli cuisine through the country's history and how four generations of vendors are able to maintain their shops after almost 100 years. We will hear stories from vendors whose families were the first in the market to new shops revitalizing the hip neighborhood. Our 7+ tastings will include some of the country's freshest hummus, street food, produce, baked goods and Yemenite cuisine. 

Who is this tour best for?

  • Foodies who love outdoor markets

  • Travelers

  • Families with kids

(Larger groups can be accommodated for this market tour) 

Levinsky Market

Length of Tour: 2-2.5 hours

Welcome to Tel Aviv's foodie paradise! Join us for a grazing tour of the market to enjoy 7+ delicacies in an area best known for its Turkish, Greek and Iranian immigrant heritage, dating back to the 1920s.

Today, gourmet chefs visit Levinsky's timeless shops for their fresh spices, dried fruits, hand-roasted coffees and deli goodies. We will visit grandfathers at their third- and fourth-generation shops as well as young and inspired trendy spots bringing a new vibe to this hipster-forward neighborhood. 

Who is this tour best for?

  • Explorers and adventure travelers who want to stray a bit off the beaten path

  • Foodies, chefs and visitors who want to bring home the best spices and sauces

(Larger groups can be accommodated for this market tour.)

Market Hop Tour

Length of Tour: 4 hours

Not sure which of Tel Aviv's markets is right for your tasting tour? No need to compromise—you can do both! If you have the time and energy, take this tour to do a "hop" through both the Carmel and Levinsky markets. 

Who is this tour best for?

  • True food-lovers with the stamina to walk and eat lots of tastings

  • Visitors who want to experience the diversity of one open air market (the Carmel Market) and its surrounding neighborhoods as well as the historic immigrant-turned-hipster area of the Levinsky Market.

Eat Tel Aviv

Length of Tour: 4.5 hours

Jaffa Port → Carmel Market

Join us for a walk (long, but relatively flat) that weaves its way from the historic Jaffa Port to the diverse neighborhoods of Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Through the lens of food, we learn about the history and development of the Israeli culinary scene. Throughout the tour we will taste 10+ different delicacies, ranging from hummus at Israel's top hole-in-the-wall to street food to modern gastronomy. We will explore the neighborhoods of the Jaffa Flea Market, Neve Tzedek and cap off the tour in the Yemenite quarter and Carmel Market to taste what's in season. While a camera is highly suggested, the only thing we require of guests is that they come prepared with a big appetite (i.e., please eat a light breakfast ☺)! 

Who is this tour best for?

  • People who want to do a city tour through the lens of food. The tour is a taste of Jaffa and Tel Aviv's neighborhoods while learning the history of the city's growth

  • Visitors who enjoy lots of walking and sightseeing. The route is approximately 4-5 kilometers at a relaxed pace. There are two small hills, so mobility is necessary

  • Families with longer attention spans (shorter spans please look towards the shorter tours)

  • Eaters who are okay with carbs, sugar and gluten. If you are avoiding these, please inquire about one of our market tours, which may be more fitting

What to bring:

  • Comfy walking shoes

  • Bottle of water

  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and anything else you need to be comfortable on a hot Tel Aviv day (umbrella and rain coat in the winter)

Yom Tov Deli

Eat Jerusalem (Machane Yehuda Market)

Length of Tour: 2.5 hours

Our tour in Jerusalem introduces guests to the cornerstone of where ancient and modern meet – in the stalls of the country's largest outdoor market, Machane Yehuda. We shop alongside with local chefs and residents purchasing groceries, tasting lots of wonderful bakery goodies, farm-fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, spices and sweets. Through our tastings we weave through the alleys learning about how drastically the market has shifted over the past decade.  

Who is this tour best for?

  • Visitors to Jerusalem that want to enjoy a "grazing" meal through the market

  • Families with kids

HaTikva Market (Shuk Hatikva)

Length of Tour: 2.5 hours

Still largely untouched by tourism, and under-the-radar (even for many locals!), the Hatikva Market and its surroundings offer the perfect area for food exploration. Serving the historically working-class neighborhood of Hatikva, this open-air shopping market located in southeast Tel Aviv offers a diverse array of traditional Israeli foods and lesser-known ethnic specialties. Expect to visit traditional Yemenite and Turkish bakeries, taste Jewish-Iraqi comfort food, discover unique spices and blends, and experience how the neighborhood is shifting throughout our 7+ stops.

Who is this tour best for?

  • Foodies who love authentic markets and specialty foods

  • Experienced visitors to Israel who want to shop like a local

  • Travelers looking for a very off-the-beaten-path experience

  • Eaters who are comfortable eating carbs and gluten


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