Fixer Services and Culinary Consulting


Whether arriving to Israel with a group of 6 people for a professional trend tour or family trip, or a group of 50 for a culinary mission/delegation, it is our mission that you do not waste a single meal in this delicious country on average food. There is too little time for too much good food for it to be wasted on less-than-incredible meals. 

Our fixer services in Tel Aviv include sourcing and scouting the best food locations for your group's needs, introducing you to the local impression-makers, and assisting you to choose between the endless lists of dazzling restaurants in the city.  Having a local culinary expert guide you through this process, will make your experience exponentially more enjoyable. 

For families, whether or not you decide to take a culinary tour while in Israel, we can advise you based on your existing schedule (of any length) and improve your overall Israel experience with recommendations (and reservations) of where to eat, drink and enjoy cultural experiences.