Delicious Restaurant Recommendations


At Delicious Israel, although we pride ourselves on introducing you to the backstreets of authentic Israeli cuisine, we also hope that your experience with local flavor extends far beyond your Delicious tour.

Here’s a short and highly curated list of our favorite spots in Tel Aviv. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or an indulgent dining experience, there’s something delightful for you here:


Street Food


Abu Hassan - HaDolfin Street 1

Renowned hummus joint famous since 1966. Definitely try the masabacha, the warm, creamy, chunky style of hummus.


Miznon (or HaMiznon) - King George Street 30

Famed chef Eyal Shani's more casual take on local street food ~ everything is served in a pita, including ice cream!


Sabich Tchernikovsky - Tchernikovsky Street 2

Home of our favorite sabich in TLV, an Israeli delicacy invented by the Iraqi Jews for their Shabbat breakfast.


Authentic Israeli

Itzik HaGadol - Raziel 3

A classic Israeli grillhouse where they throw 15 salads and dips on the table before you even order your main dish. Meat is the centerpiece of the meal, but vegetarians can easily be satisfied from the abundant salads and pita that are included as a starter. 

M25 - Simtat HaCarmel, off the butcher street in the Carmel Market

Vegans beware, this is not your haunt. Carnivores, start licking your lips. M25 is positioned 25 meters from their newcomer butcher shop called Meat Market, nestled amongst the historic market butchers. Selling only local cuts, you will find yourself sitting alongside the city's top chefs coming to get their fix pre or post service. The menu is streamlined and focused on, well, Israel's best meat. 


Shipudei Europa - Rothschild 7

A recent addition to the scene, the table is filled with "salatim" (small variety of salads and dips) and each person should order 2 kabobs. Classic beef and chicken kabobs are grilled alongside less typical scallops, shrimps and halloumi/artichoke kabobs. Save a bit of room for their housemade ice cream in really unique flavors like peach brandy sorbet.

Modern Israeli

Abraxas North - Lilienblum Street 40

Chef Eyal Shani's gourmet restaurant take on modern Israeli fare ~ i.e. whole roasted cauliflower! FYI "warning" - hit or miss service.


Dok - Ibn Gvirol Street 8 

From the same brother team (Asaf and Yotam Doktor) as its neighbor (Ha'Achim - another fave of ours), Dok has taken the reigns in the return towards serving up the best of what's local. Call it "farm to table" if you must, Dok is serving only what you find in Israel- the freshest fish, best olive oils, seasonal produce, boutique wines. Recent dishes include pickled mackerel salad, roasted kohlrabi and fresh chickpea and preserved lemon salad.


HaBasta - HaShomer Street 4

A market restaurant in its pure sense, inspired by the fresh, seasonal ingredients from the adjacent Carmel Market. Atmosphere is casual and prices are quite high for the look of the place. 


Milgo & Milbar - Rothschild Boulevard 142

A lively spot offering Mediterranean seafood fare that highlights fresh ingredients, well plated dishes and surprising flavor combinations.


Santa Katarina - Har Sinai 2

Dynamic Israeli fusion, mostly coming out of their taboon oven. Chef is globally trained, and focusing on his Syrian and Egyptian roots, which plays into the spices and flavors of the creative dishes. We recommend ordering and sharing all of the starters!


Fine Dining

Mashya - Mendeli 5

The "It" restaurant at the moment with hard to get reservations. Dishes are carefully plated, and although fine dining, the Moroccan influence from the young chef keeps the flavors down to earth. Definitely order the 18 spices taboon frenna for a great photo op :) 

OCD - Tirza 17

Tel Aviv's first set-menu only restaurant. Two seatings each night for 19 people around a bar facing Raz Rahav's extraordinarily detailed 9-course molecular-gastronomy-influenced meal. Reservations are a must and dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice.

Popina - Ahad Ha’Am Street 3

Located in historic Neve Tzedek, Popina's young chef offers innovative dishes like shrimp burgers, beet and kohlrabi "pasta" and foie gras homemade ravioli. Opt for the tasting menu to savor a little of everything.