Photo Friday: Tel Aviv's Port Market

Tel Aviv Farmer's Market

Fast forward nearly a century from the onset of Tel Aviv's cherished food markets, where vendors yell out produce prices with a force as strong as Gordon's manic matkot players and savtas scan stalls for the cheapest tchotchkes. Where the bottoms of shoppers' sandals are tomato seed stained. Where fresh fish smells permeate from side streets. Where afternoon pedestrian traffic gives midtown Manhattan a run for its money. 

While we at Delicious Israel have a soft spot for these mangled markets of Israel's past, Tel Aviv's newer Port Market is a delightful deviation from the city's southern food destinations. Steps from the Mediterranean, this indoor gourmet market is the perfect finale to a stroll along the coast.   Founded by food TV personality Michal Ansky, the "Shuk HaNamal" (Port Market in Hebrew) opens up a direct conversation between Tel Aviv's urban dwellers and the farmer's providing the country's famously delicious produce, and a chance to experience and learn more about the Slow Food Movement.   

With a hint of New York's Chelsea Market and San Francisco's Ferry Building (at a much smaller scale), the Port Market offers artisanal cheeses, breads and specialty produce, as well as the respite of a casual sit down meal at kiosk style restaurant counters. With younger crowds and high price tags, we suggest you at least stop by the Port Market to taste, if nothing else, the epicurean essence of modern Tel Aviv. 

The Port Market @ Hanger 12

Hours: 8am-8pm daily, except for Sunday

{Also check out the outdoor farmer's market set up every Friday, from 7am-3pm}

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