Pancho - Tel Aviv's latest spot for basic, fresh Mexican food

When I first moved to Tel Aviv about 6 years ago one of the biggest drawbacks to this cosmopolitan city was the lack of good Mexican food. The past few years we have enjoyed a blossoming of international cuisines, Mexican notwithstanding. Some new (simple) spots have opened that are all worth a visit to quench your taco craving - Mex & Co. on Ben Yehuda Street, Los Burning Tacos on Allenby and Pancho on Tchernikovsky Street.

Pancho, a 12 seater taking over the former Oasis space, is the newest of the pack and in the meantime is keeping a slim menu of tacos, burritos and quesadillas with everything prepared fresh in front of you. Corn-based (gluten free) tortillas are available for the tacos and quesadillas, and the weekend huevos rancheros brunch also make a good GF option. 

Pancho, Tchernikovsky 1. Open for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.