Happy Birthday to Eitan Levy of the Yom Tov Deli, a Levinsky Market fave!

By: Lindsay Stein

Eitan has been working at his family-owned shop for 40 years alongside his brother, Yomi, and their mother Simcha. This authentic Turkish deli opened up in 1969 by Eitan’s grandfather who decided to make aliyah. He ended up meeting his wife in the infamous Levinsky Market.

The shop is only 15 meters, which is why Eitan must carefully choose each and every item on the shelf. Eitan says “I can’t choose a favorite because all the food items are so different and delicious in their own way.” For example, “the selection of olives we sell, we buy from France and Greece and Turkey.” My personal favorite is the unique hibiscus flower stuffed with cream cheese.

Eitan told us his grandpa hand rolls each grape leaf, they pickle and smoke the meats and fish themselves, and also sell homemade salads and pressed olive oil. There are many unique items on the shelves, like balsamic ketchup. Check out Yom Tov Deli to experience their beautiful array of cheeses, pickled vegetables, and other delicious treats.