Sushirito - Shi Shi Style

Food mash-ups are all the rage these days; from cronuts (croissant donuts) to ramen burgers, get two delicious foods together and give it a new name. Adding to the list of #trending foods is the shushirito – a sushi burrito. San Francisco, New York, Chicago are all aboard and Tel Aviv is now rocking our own version on Ibn Gvirol Street. Shi Shi Talk & Roll opened a few months ago in the sushi-obsessed city of Tel Aviv. I repeat: Tel Avivians love their sushi. There are over 100 sushi restaurants in Tel Aviv, making the city the world’s third-largest sushi center per capita (after Tokyo and New York). 

So it makes sense that we would love this fusion sushi burrito in Tel Aviv.  Constructed similarly to a burrito, but instead of a tortilla the dish uses a sheet of rice paper and sushi rice patted down then rolled with a plastic-bamboo mat. Though likened to a sushi roll, there is no seaweed involved, and the variety of ingredients is quite extensive, ranging from seafood, chicken, tofu or vegetables. Inside this magnified sushi roll you can add a large range of fillings and sauces.  Also on the Shi Shi menu: bowls with glass noodles (cold) or Udon (hot), and a few simple desserts (so far untested).

Shi Shi Talk & Roll opened a few months ago on the corner of Ibn Gabirol.  Perfect for sushi lovers in a rush and not wanting to spend a fortune on multiple rolls, this shi shi sushi roll may be your answer for your delicious meal tonight.

Shi Shi Talk & Roll, 33 Ibn Gabirol, Tel Aviv, Israel

Delicious Guest Blogger Andie Himmelrich recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a major in Communications and minor in Chinese Studies. She is interested in food, photography, social media, traveling and having fun. For more of Andie's falafel scoops, be sure to follow on Instagram: @falafullTLV