Your Guide to Sufganiya Season in Tel Aviv

Sufganiyot, the traditional Chanukah donut, have been around for thousands of years. Lucky for us, Israelis are an innovative bunch, re-imagining this classic treat with very 2018 toppings (including chocolate syringes!), fillings and flavors.

Tel Aviv is the perfect place to test the limits of culinary creativity when it comes to these donuts. Here are 8 of our favorites, starting with our new additions (our 2017 favorites can be found here)


Photo: Biscotti

Photo: Biscotti

While not as ubiquitous as Roladin’s sufganiyot, Biscotti’s flavors hold their own and deserve recognition. This year’s offerings include Tiramisu (with mascarpone and coffee beans), Black Forest (Amarena cherry filling), Red Velvet flavor (with a raspberry twist), Concord (similar to chocolate mousse) and Ferrero Rocher, in addition to the traditional jelly donut. Not to be missed!

Hayarkon 67, Bnei Brak

Sweet Box

Sweet Box, one of Tel Aviv’s few dedicated American-style bakeries, has been a welcome addition to the trendy Levinsky Market neighborhood. While they have classic donuts all year round (think chocolate with sprinkles!), their special sufganiya offerings including Biscoff, strawberries, and peanut butter and jelly.

Ha-Khalutzim St 6, Tel Aviv


Photo: Shany bakery

Photo: Shany bakery

This longstanding Haifa institution has only one branch outside of northern Israel. This year, grab some of their special flavors like Brownie Cheesecake and Lemon Pie - you won’t be disappointed.

Jabotinsky 5, Ramat Gan (just outside Tel Aviv, and multiple locations in Haifa)

Showroom Bakehouse

Photo: Showroom Bakehouse

Photo: Showroom Bakehouse

One of Tel Aviv’s best place to get daily donuts in non-Hanukkah season, the Brooklyn-style Bakehouse wins in creativity, with flavors like cereal milk and beautiful decorations. Not to be missed!

Malkhei Israel 11, Tel Aviv

Dallal Bakery

Photo: Dallal

Photo: Dallal

Dallal’s refined French baking has earned its place as a Tel Aviv institution, and sufganiyot are no exception. Their smaller donuts are more manageable than some of their heftier counterparts at other bakeries, and while the flavors aren’t the wildest, the pistachio and chocolate never disappoint.

Kol Israel Haverim 7, Tel Aviv

Milk Bakery

Milk Bakery offers a unique brioche dough that is light, fluffy and simply delicious. The Milk Bakery’s sufganiyot fillings are creamy and smooth with classics, as well as the praline or lemon custard insides. Be sure to order in advance, as they only make a limited number of these goodies.

Beit Eshel 5, Jaffa



Like Roladin, this bakery from celebrity baker Miki Shemo also brings us syringe-toting sufganiyot with shiny layers of pecans and Amarena cherry cheesecake flavors. The strawberry-vanilla, with fresh strawberries (!) is a fabulous spin on the often too-heavy donuts,

Yehuda HaMacabi 60, Tel Aviv, as well as locations throughout the country


For many people in Israel, the word sufganiya has become synonymous with Roladin, and for good reason. The hype starts way before the holiday, with billboards on major highways and all around Tel Aviv. People wait in line for hours throughout the holiday to bring home boxes of these colorful, Instagram-friendly treats. This year, Roladin is offering a whopping 12 flavors, including Yellow Sunrise (mango and pineapple), Violet Cheesecake and Vanilla Infinity (with creme patissiere).

Locations throughout the city, including Dizengoff 49 and Azrieli Center

While we are still recovering from the sufganiya sugar rush, we can’t wait to see what next year will have in store!

Photo: Roladin

Photo: Roladin