Yom Tov Deli Has Expanded

By Rachel Myerson, Delicious Taste-Tester

Anyone who has visited the Levinsky Market with us will be familiar with the antipasti/mezze delights of the Yom Tov Deli.

This family business began in Istanbul in 1947, before grandfather Yom Tov (who at 90+ years old, still rolls their delectable dolmades/grape/vine leaves by hand) settled in Israel.

Nowadays, you’ll find grandsons Eitan and Yomi behind the counter - with their mother Simcha in the front to greet you - dishing out marinated mushrooms, confit garlic and peppadew peppers stuffed with creamy cheese. A taste of heaven on earth.

If, like us, you can’t get enough of the Yom Tov Deli, you’re in for a treat — they have expanded! Their signature sandwiches made with a variety of fresh rolls, stuffed with their deli delights and wide selection of cheeses, fishes and meats have proven to be such a hit with the locals, that the Yom Tov team have opened a new sandwich bar, just up the road at Levinsky 31. The neighborhood continues to be a source of old meets new and nothing could prove it more than this third-generation shop opening up to fuel the hipster beards coming to eat.

This new spot has space to sit, alcoholic beverages (never a bad thing) and, best of all, is open from 9am-11pm, so you can get your Yom Tov fix anytime you fancy it.

Our recommendation: let Eitan know if you prefer meat, cheese or fish and let him freestyle the fillings. Bread options include croissants and burekas, so you can go fancy French or local Turkish. Pair your sandwich with a 20 shekel glass of Israeli wine and know that you will probably be back tomorrow to test out a different pairing.