Tubi 60: Tel Aviv’s Hipster Elixir

An enigmatic drink has been making the rounds in Tel Aviv’s bar scene for a few years. It is time we talk about it. Bitter, herbal and citrusy, it has a bit of a ginger-y aftertaste. It’s called Tubi 60, and contrary to other alcohol, it is a stimulant that gives drinkers a heightened sense of energy and alertness.

Tel Aviv’s party scene only really gets started in the wee hours of the night, so a drink that both relaxes you and gives you the energy to join the city’s energetic masses has obvious appeal.

You can drink Tubi 60 as a shot or chaser, over crushed ice or mixed with sparkling water. Of course, bartenders have been known to create bespoke cocktails with it.

What gives Tubi 60 its energy-boosting powers?

The bottle lists 38% alcohol, lemon juices and “spices.” Do those spices include gat, the Middle Eastern plant with amphetamine-like qualities? We don’t know... and we’re not asking too many questions. Just make sure to shake it before drinking. 

Below is our favorite Tubi cocktail idea courtesy of Tex Avivi, the US importers of Tubi.

PSA: Tubi 60 is now Kosher, L’Chaim!


tubi cocktail.jpg