Somebody Feed Phil's Tel Aviv Adventure

Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal is on a mission to find some top eats in cities around the globe. In a six-part Netflix series, Phil hits up some six food-centric cities, including our favorite - Tel Aviv. His commentary is far from Bourdain-depth, and Phil even jokes, “I’m exactly like Anthony Bourdain — if he was afraid of everything”.

Though the producers chose some spots that we don't necessarily recommend, Phil's humor and spirit brings alive each location in a way that makes the viewers want to visit.  Phil also spends some time with some of our friends, Mike Solomonov and Adeena Sussman, who we loved seeing on camera. 

Since the show does not name most of the locations visited, we wanted you to be able follow along with your very own Tel Aviv Somebody Feed Phil List and Map.

Dr Shakshuka

Hummus Magen David

Abu Hassan

Sabich Tchernikovsky

Shimon Melech HaMarak

BeRothschild Kiosk 




Gan HaIr

Farmer's Market at the Port and Sherry Herring 

Mitzpe Hayamim

Uri Buri