Delicious Food Happenings - Spring Edition

As a major city with a thriving food scene, Tel Aviv is always home to new restaurant openings, and we love being some of the first people in the know about them. The Delicious Israel team has had the opportunity to try some of our newest food finds - check out our recommendations below!

Shuk Hacarmel Openings

The Carmel Market (basically the Delicious Israel office!) is home to both the kind of places that haven’t changed since they opened in the 1930’s in the neighboring Yemenite Quarter, and brand-new places taking Israeli cuisine to new heights. Some new openings here:


Dim Sum/Ramen

Fans of Asian cuisines, rejoice! We are thrilled to tell you that you can now get delicious dim-sum and ramen every day at the Carmel Market. There are beef, chicken and vegetarian options. The stand has different sellers who share a coveted space on the main drag of the shuk, near Hummus Magen David.


While the Carmel Market is full of delicious Middle Eastern style sweets, hot and cheesy knafeh is one of our favorites. You can only imagine our excitement at another knafeh option being added to the roster - and this one takes the cake. This modest little stand is run by a lovely young man who makes fresh knafeh on the spot! Look for him on Friday afternoons (and a few evenings a week) tucked away at Cafe Cohen.



Decent bourekas (the Israeli take on the Turkish borek) are a dime a dozen in Tel Aviv. This new stand, just off the main strip of the market, turns the traditional interpretation of bourekas on its head. Here, you can explore never-before-seen flavors like Philly Cheesesteak, shrimp and sweetbreads in a decidedly non-kosher environment, as well as more traditional Kashkaval and Feta types.

Other New Hotspots

Photo credit: Honolulu

Photo credit: Honolulu


Tel Aviv’s first ‘tiki bar’ is a welcome addition to the often repetitive bar scene here in Israel. Located in the former spot of the now-closed Truck De Luxe, Honolulu serves great cocktails (some of them are even on tap!) in a fun, tropical setting. Like many bars in Israel, they offer an extensive food menu, including harder-to-find faves like fried sushi burgers and poke bowls.


George and John Restaurant (Drisco Hotel)

The food at the Drisco Hotel restaurant, located in beautiful Old Jaffa, is tasty, but the ambience is what really sets this place apart, replacing the Zada restaurant that had previously held that space. We especially recommend it for a business meeting, for swanky out-of-towners or for a drink from their extensive wine list.

Photo credit: Belgian Falafel

Photo credit: Belgian Falafel

Belgian Falafel

The ‘Belgian Falafel’, which is actually a waffle-shaped falafel (think “Falafel Waffle”) patty has taken Tel Aviv by storm, especially those looking to ditch the pita. Here, the falafel is the sandwich bread itself, and the inside is stuffed with old favorites like tahini and salads. Gluten-free and vegan diners will be thrilled to know they are in good hands here!

Something Extra…

Secret Burger

Not exactly a restaurant, but we have to praise the ‘secret burger’ that swept Tel Aviv carnivores by storm over the past few months. This secretive delivery-only joint will send a delicious, smoked patty with all the works to your doorstep - Whatsapp 051-5050145 to find out more. We won’t spoil it for you with pictures!