Beat the Heat: A Guide to the Best Açai Bowls

Author: Lexi Sugar

Though there is debate on how to pronounce this fresh summer treat (Ah-sah-ee; Ah-sigh-ee- Ah-sai?) one thing is for sure; acai bowls are one of our favorite ways to cool down during the brutal Israeli summers. Check out our favorites in Tel Aviv.

1. Yom Tov Cafe

Photo via:  @yomtovcafe

Photo via: @yomtovcafe

Upon first glance, Yom Tov Cafe’s açai bowl looks more like a sorbet - however, it does not disappoint. Aside from its stunning presentation, its fruity toppings are fresh, delightful and perfect on a hot summer day! The sorbet-like consistency prevents it from melting quickly, which is one of the only downsides of some açai bowls. Yom Tov Cafe is a true hidden gem, hugging the edge of the Carmel Market, where they get their local produce. The cafe is one of the few in Tel Aviv that has both a great daytime cafe atmosphere and also becomes a lively bar in the evening.

Yom Tov St 30, Tel Aviv-Yafo

2. Topya

Photo via:  @topya_tlv

Photo via: @topya_tlv

Known mostly for their frozen yogurt, Topya also offers frozen yogurt-style açai bowls. Topya’s acai is labeled as “açai sorbet” and provides eaters with all the fun of watching their yogurt come out of the magical frozen yogurt machine. Açai bowls at Topya are also customizable, including one full round at the topping station to make the perfect bowl. Toppings vary from fruit to crushed cookie pieces. Whatever you choose, there is something to satisfy your sweet tooth or encourage (semi) healthy habits.

Various locations, including the TLV Fashion Mall and Ben Yehuda

3. The Streets

Photo via:  @thestreetscafe

Photo via: @thestreetscafe

The Streets is a hotspot for many reasons: great work environment, tasty food and it is open 24 hours a day, every day. Yes, you read that right: they’re ALWAYS open! The açai bowl at The Streets includes chia, one of the hottest superfoods around at the moment. Known as the “Superbowl,” this açai bowl includes grapes, granola, goji berries (another superfood), cocoa beans and bananas, making it a truly nutritious treat.

King George and Ibn Gabirol locations

4. Tamara

Photo via:   @tamara.telaviv

Photo via: @tamara.telaviv

Best known for their frozen yogurt (and lines out the door in the summer) Tamara also makes a mean açai bowl. Their açai bowls feature fresh topping options, such as pomegranate seeds, granola and assorted fruits. While many customers stick with the classic froyo treats, their açai bowl is not to be missed.

Various locations, including Rothschild and Ben Yehuda

5. Juice Box

Photo via:    @juiceboxtlv

Photo via: @juiceboxtlv

A local favorite, Juice Box offers a wide variety of health-conscious smoothies- using incredibly fresh ingredients. The name Juice Box - the shop itself truly resembles a box, bringing us back to our childhood days! The inside of the shop is the kitchen, where the magic happens (aka: healthy and delicious smoothies, bowls and more) and there are also a few stools that offer a home-y vibe to customers. The açai and smoothie bowls at Juice Box are not only delicious, but are served with a smile.

Ben Yehuda St 81, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Photo via:    @urbanshamantlv

Photo via: @urbanshamantlv

6. Urban Shaman

With a strictly plant based menu, Urban Shaman is “rooted in a holistic lifestyle,” according to their website. Their version of the açai bowl is called the superbowl, of which they have three different choices. The jungle bowl includes açai, papaya, almond milk and dates.

Dizengoff St 210, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Background photo courtesy of Kitchen Confidante