Rosh Hashana Gift Guide

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year holiday, is just around the corner. Whether you’re invited to someone’s home for a festive meal or just want to spread the love in this holiday season, check out some of our favorite holiday gifts below! All of our gift ideas circle around our favorite thing in the world - food - and work wonderfully both in Israel or wherever you may be celebrating Rosh Hashana abroad.


1. Delicious Israel Culinary Kit

We are SO excited to be able to offer you the perfect (if we do say so ourselves) Rosh Hashana gift - our Delicious Israel Culinary Kit! For those who are missing the flavors and smells of Israeli food or simply want an introduction to these high quality ingredients - this kit is for you. Bonus - it is delivered right to your door (free shipping within the United States)! Our culinary kit features our favorite products from local artisans and vendors, including tahini, silan and spice blends, and so much more!

Order your kit now to ensure delivery by holiday time!

2. Tour/Cooking Workshop

Delicious Guide Nikki Fig on our Levinsky Market tour

Delicious Guide Nikki Fig on our Levinsky Market tour

Have a friend or relative coming to Israel? Wanting to treat yourself? There is no better gift of Deliciousness - and fun than a culinary tour!

Whether you’re a first-timer in Israel or a ‘seasoned’ veteran visitor, a foodie or an eater - our food tours and cooking workshops have something to offer for everyone.

Contact us to find out about:

3. Israeli Cookbook

Get one step closer to recreating that perfectly creamy Israeli hummus just in time for winter

Get one step closer to recreating that perfectly creamy Israeli hummus just in time for winter

An Israeli cookbook is a perfect supplement to our Delicious Israel Culinary Kit or a beautiful standalone gift! Our kits will show you some ideas for using your new ingredients, but like our favorite Israeli chefs, we encourage you to get creative, innovate and try new things in the kitchen! Here are some of our favorite Israeli cookbooks (including some from special Delicious Israel friends) to delve deeper into your Israeli food journey, with links to Amazon for easy purchase.

4. Israeli Wines


The Israeli wine scene attracts wine buffs from around the world, and for good reason. Our perfect climate and ever-growing appreciation of fine wines has led to an explosion of Israeli boutique wineries that can hold their own against any French wines you might know and love.

Wine will be a part of almost every Rosh Hashana meal, as we offer a special holiday blessing consecrated by a sip of wine. Let that old bottle of way-too-sweet Manischewitz take a rest and impress your host or guests with a beautiful Israeli bottle of red or white. Many Israeli wines are available outside of Israel and the list is ever-growing.

Check out our blog post on some of our favorite wineries for inspiration!

As always, Delicious Israel is here for ALL of your Israeli food needs. Don’t know where to get the best Israeli silan (date honey) or wondering where to buy that last-minute gift in Israel? Drop us a line at! We can’t wait to hear from you.