​ Vietnam in Tel Aviv

By: Rebecca Kazhdan

During a regular service at Oasis, diners are given the treat of watching Chef Rima Olvera in action. The small space and open kitchen allows patrons to see their food being made and converse with the chef, bringing them into the cooking experience.


This past Monday, Chef Olvera took the openness of her kitchen a step further and invited curious foodies, and those who wanted to add a few new recipes to their repertoire, into her kitchen for a Vietnamese-themed cooking class. Chef Olvera brings with her decades of culinary experience as well as firsthand knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine. 

First up was a fragrant caramel herb sauce comprised of sugar, water, shallots and a variety of herbs and spices. The sauce was used for a pan seared sea bream fish, which is a staple on the Oasis menu and worth a taste on your next visit. The sauce, taken from French influence, can be utilized in other meat and fish dishes.

Next was a pho demonstration. Chef Olvera explained how to prepare each ingredient needed for the stock and shared tips on how to extract the deep flavors for the soup. The final explanation was banh xeo, another staple on the Oasis menu. Chef Olvera demonstrated the method of making the batter for these savory pan fried pancakes and filled them with shrimp and pork. She also offered alternatives for vegetarians and those who preferred a different filling. The bahn xeo was accompanied by a nectarine hoisin sauce that was also prepared on the spot.

After the demonstration and explanation, the students sat and enjoyed all of the Vietnamese delights they had just prepared. The meal was finished with a light and tasty tapioca coconut cream dessert topped with fresh watermelon – a sweet way to end a great class. Everyone left happy, satisfied and a bit more knowledgeable.

Join Oasis for their next cooking class! You will leave neither hungry nor disappointed (nor sober)!

For more details call 03-620-6022 and go check out Oasis if you’re looking for a delicious and unique meal in Tel Aviv.