You, Me, and a Cup of Tea

While Israel is known to have some amazing spices, their teas don’t fall far behind. At almost every spice stand you will also find a variety of teas to choose from. From mint to hibiscus to chamomile tea, these not only make a tasty drink but each one has unique health benefits that might make purchasing some worth your while!

Green Tea

Drink green tea and you’ll get smarter. Okay, it might not be that simple but drinking green tea does help improve brain function. So next time you have a big project to work on or an important meeting to attend, drink some green tea beforehand and you find yourself feeling more productive.

Jasmine Tea

If you need some relaxation after your long plane ride to Israel, Jasmine tea is the way to go. Many of the health benefits of jasmine tea come from the green tea leaves that are usually mixed in. However, the actual jasmine blossoms are considered an aphrodisiac and can promote relaxation and reduce stress.


One of the top benefits of drinking hibiscus tea is lowering blood pressure. This means it is actually going to help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. Hibiscus also can be beneficial for weight loss. It actually reduces the absorption of carbohydrates, so it is actually found in many weight loss products as well!


Fighting off menstrual cramps while you’re here? Calendula tea has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can even help reduce the painful side effects of menstruation. Drinking calendula tea can also help heal gastric ulcers or when used in a cream can actually help heal wounds and speed up recovery.


Peppermint tea helps soothe all sorts of discomforts. This tea is known to be a “stomach healer,” from curing a simple stomach ache to relieving hearburn and indigestion. If you commonly get stress induced headaches, try sipping on some mint tea next time rather than reaching for painkillers. You may be surprised by the effectiveness of this tea.


This tea seems to have it all. Improving cardiovascular health, respiratory health, kidney health, and your immune system, we wonder why anyone would choose not to drink nettle tea! It is also shown to improve digestion, serve as an anti-inflammatory, and can reduce menstrual pain like all the above teas. So, nettle is definitely a must try!