A Meat Lover's Paradise

If you love the experience of picking your meats fresh from the butcher, but don’t want to go through the work of cooking while you’re staying in Israel, any of these restaurants will provide just that! Select your favorite cuts of meat and enjoy a delicious appetizer while it is prepared for you.

Rak Basar


Rak basar literally translates to “only meat” in English. You will be greeted with a glass of house wine when you walk in the doors of Rak Basar. Plus, for only 29 NIS, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of the house wine with your meal.

Then you will visit the meat counter where you will find a wide array of cuts to choose from as you build your own unique meal. Before you know it, your meat will be served to you on a hot grill table-side. We recommend sticking around for desert as the Belgian waffle desert is to die for.



Located inside the Carmel Market, M25 is actually an extension of the meat market in the shuk. The name M25 comes from the rule that stated cooked meat could not be sold within 25 meters of a shop selling raw meat. So M25 is located exactly 25 meters from the fresh butcher shop their meat comes from. From shawarma to hamburgers to entrecote, you can find it all at M25.

Shipudei Tsipora


Located in Bat Yam, Shipudei Tsipora is a sports bar style restaurant. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy a meal while watching the big game. You’ll start off your meal with a table full of Israeli salads for everyone to enjoy. However, make sure you pace yourself because you won’t want to fill up before the meat comes. The best way to try the different meats here is to order a variety of skewers for the table so everyone can get a taste.

Big Itsik


If you’re looking for a lively environment, Big Itsik is definitely the place to go! Start off your meal with a wide variety of salads and a glass or two of wine. Then, dig into delicious cuts of meat beautifully plated across the table. You definitely won’t leave Big Itsik feeling hungry!