Delicious Israel Approved: Da Peppe Pizzeria

A chat with Giuseppe Giordana, owner and chef of Da Peppe Pizzeria

Giuseppe (Peppe) serves up his favorite pizza pie 

Giuseppe (Peppe) serves up his favorite pizza pie 

Red Vespa - Naples style in Tel Aviv

Red Vespa - Naples style in Tel Aviv

Da Peppe diners feel as if they have been transported to the streets of Italy drinking wine off of tables adorned in red checkered tablecloths, a shiny red Vespa parked out front and a huge brick oven (imported from Italy) cooking up the dishes.

LOCATION: Ibn Gvirol 14, Tel Aviv. Hours: Mon - Sun12:00 pm - 12:00 am. 03-642-4740.  Let them know we sent you for some extra "pinukim"

Now that you have been open for over a year (Da Peppe opened in September 2011), what is the best part of having a pizzeria in Tel Aviv?

The weather!

Where do you eat when you're not here?

I like so many varieties of food in this country. I love tasting everything, but as far as repeat visits - the Syrian hummus in the Carmel Market and a Moroccan woman who has a stand nearby where she makes fresh fish. Also, the sandwiches and Campanello and when I want to indulge, I go to visit my friend Rima Olivera at Oasis.

You recently got some media attention for using burrata cheese, which hasn't yet gained popularity in Israel as it has abroad. Do you think it will become a hit here?

(For those not familiar with Burrata - it is a fresh Italian cheese originated from the south of Italy, made from mozzarella and cream).
We have a great pizza with burrata, pecorino cheese, cherry tomatoes, sea salt, basil and extra virgin olive oil. I hear from our vendor that since the release of the article featuring burrata and our pizzeria, they have been selling much more of it. Who knows if it will become a trend.   

How is your pizza different from so many others made in Tel Aviv?

With all due respect, this pizza is actual pizza. The way it should be made. We provide ourselves on using the freshest and best ingredients, without cutting corners on quality.

Fun fact: The menu features several dishes named after Guiseppe’s family members, including the Spicy Shira, which is named after his wife and topped with hot peppers and spicy Italian sausage. His mother is also present on the menu in the form of the Mamma Rita pizza which is topped with three different types of cheeses and a generous portion of mushrooms.

Most interesting creation: Pizza Vesuvio (made to resemble the gulf of Naples) - half pizza half calzone, 100% delicious.

Most indulgent dish: Once a customer asked for the Eggplant Melanzane on top of a pizza. It was a really decadent dish and the customer really enjoyed it.

Approved By Delicious Israel

Approved By Delicious Israel