Top Tips for Tel Aviv's Hot Nightlife

Guest Blogger: Ido Weil, founder of Tel Aviv Night Tours 

Even in the chilly winter, Tel Aviv's well known bar and club scene is not to be missed! We want you to experience some insider nightlife tips - these authentic and "hidden" tips are for places that you definitely won't find from your hotel concierge. Enjoy!

5) Next Door: A small cozy bar, belongs to the well-known meat restaurant next door "Meat Bar" (with a shrunken menu). Great music, great food. 52 Chen Blvd (Sderot Chen)

4) Micatronix: no way of finding this place if you don't know it already. Hidden inside a shop, you have to buzz the intercom to get in. Great electronic music, techno, and off the grid electro. 28 Ben Yehuda St

3) Shlag Zane: Decorated as an old hotel this place is a must see in Tel Aviv. Check the back rooms for some sleezy (but fun) atmosphere. The music is different every night but mostly electro and groove. 48 Yehuda Halevi st

2) Rothschild 12: A New York styled bar located in the back of an old building, meant to be torn down by the city. Has live shows on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 12 Rothschild Blvd

1) Radio E.P.G.B: The hottest place in Tel Aviv, no doubt. located in the bottom floor of an old office building, Presents the best music in town. Changes from fast beating electro to oldies and jazz. 7 Shadal St

To learn more about pub and bar crawls, check out Ido's TLV Night website:!