New! Delicious Dining in Neve Tzedek

Delicious Dining in Neve Tzedek

At Delicious Israel, food is our key to unlocking the beautiful complexity of this country’s colorful character. Za'atar. Lemon. Sesame. Chocolate. Sumac. Rose. Each aroma has an anecdote. Each flavor offers a means of traversing time, infused with memories of life in the Diaspora and Israeli immersion.  

As culinary archaeologists, we can think of no better way to explore Israel’s history than inviting you to a place perfectly symbolic of new beginnings. Having recently planted roots in Tel Aviv’s romantic Neve Tzedek - the first Jewish neighborhood built outside of Jaffa’s walls - Delicious Israel founder Inbal opens the doors to her private Atelier for those excited to embark on an intimate exploration of Israeli cuisine.

 A ten-minute walk from the spice sacks and fresh fruit stalls of the Carmel Market ("Shuk HaCarmel"), Delicious Israel’s new Neve Tzedek home will be used as the final stop on the culinary excursion, Shuk + Cook.  After filling your baskets with the market’s tantalizing treats, we’ll unload groceries in the kitchen overlooking Shabazi street and prepare a meal to remember.

For those looking to take a greater bite out of Neve Tzedek and its Jewish journey, Delicious Israel introduces Dinner with Friends - a unique way to experience a private dinner on Shabbat or on your group's chosen evening. Wining and dining on a menu creatively crafted to demonstrate Israel’s rich cultural diversity, we’ll return together to the time when Tel Aviv’s first Jewish neighborhood was established, savoring the flavors of recipes passed down amongst Jews originating from Marrakech to Moscow.

Whether playing chef or reclining for Shabbat, we hope that you’ll join us as we eat our way through time and experience Israeli cuisine at its most Delicious!

Come one. Come all. Come hungry!

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