Hummus Hotspots: Shlomo & Doron

Creamy Fresh Hummus with Paprika, Cumin, Parsley and Olive Oil

Creamy Fresh Hummus with Paprika, Cumin, Parsley and Olive Oil

There's a tempting tradition in Tel Aviv, particularly amongst college students and young professionals, that we at Delicious Israel like to call Hummus Fridays. To celebrate the start of another sunshine-filled weekend, members of Generation Y line up alongside their hummus-devotee predecessors, older men and women from Tel Aviv's working class, for a chance to "wipe" up bowls of warm chickpea deliciousness. 

Starting this week, we've decided to embark on a hunt for the winner of Delicious Israel's 2014 Hummus Hotspot award. Having opened its doors in 1937, we thought it would be appropriate to kick off our search at the grandfather of Tel Aviv's hummus dives, Shlomo & Doron. Just off of the Carmel Market, in Kerem HaTeimanim, or the Yemenite Quarter, we were lucky enough to snag seats in the middle of the street at this seriously loved local establishment just before the crowds came crawling in at 11:30am.

Like all of Israel's top hummus destinations, Shlomo & Doron sticks to a simple menu that features the chickpea dressed up in a few fashionable ways. From hummus with mushrooms to the popular hummus ful (made from a small type of fava bean), we decided to stick to the basics this time and ordered regular hummus drizzled in olive oil and topped with paprika, cumin, parsley, and lemon. Shlomo's grandson, Doron, runs a tight ship at this simple yet sacred spot on Yishkon Street, so your brunch or lunch will be on the table in seconds, accompanied by warm pita or Sahlouf (a type of yemenite flatbread; you must ask for this!), onion wedges, and spicy sauce.  Smooth and flavor packed, we savored every last bit of chickpea and recommend that you do too!  

[Side Trivia Fact: the street name "Yishkon" is an acronym honoring the memory of a prominent figure in Tel Aviv's historic Yemenite Association - Mr. Yaakov Shlomo Cohen.]

Shlomo & Doron, 29 Yishkon Street, Tel Aviv

** Beware: Many hummus places in Israel close early since the hummus is made fresh and is quick to go during breakfast and lunch hours.  Shlomo & Doron is closed by 3 pm. 


Shlomo and Doron is definitely Delicious Israel Approved!

Delicious Israel Approved