Living Art at The Elma Hotel in Zichron Ya'akov

One of Israel's most beautiful destinations for food and wine lovers is near Zichron Ya'akov, just south of Haifa. The Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel in Zichron Ya’akov has us excited, intrigued and engrossed in the genius of the atmosphere.  The hotel is a piece of art in itself, designed by the award-winning architect Yaakov Rechter, and serves as more than a hotel - it is a piece of art in itself, encouraging the creation of art.  The innovative structure is wedged in mountains of the northern coastline of Israel and boasts views of the Mediterranean Sea.  

The hotel prides itself on mastering “The art of hospitality. The Hospitality of art”, meaning that the beautiful architecture of the building and the interior design invites visitors and the art stays with the customers long after they leave.  

This immersion in art is carried over into the hotel’s restaurants, where they treat plates like a canvas. The hotel offers restaurant options ranging a casual espresso bar to a poolside grill to an upscale dining bistro, Oratorio.  The hotel’s two musical performance halls also offer fantastic food to play with your palate while you enter the trance of the production.  

The facility offers two elaborate art galleries, four artists studios where they let artists stay and work on their work, four amphitheaters, an Orchestra pit, and interactive classes conducted by the resident artists.  Art is known to enrich life and the hotel believes that art should not be pushed to the status of a side dish and looked upon as lesser, rather it should be the main event, entree!